25th October 1825 --- 3rd June 1899

Johann Strauss (born 1825, Vienna, Austria--died 1899, Vienna), "the Waltz King," a composer famous for his Viennese waltzes and operettas.

Strauss was the eldest son of the composer Johann Strauss the Elder. Because his father wished him to follow a nonmusical profession, he started his career as a bank clerk. He studied the violin without his father's knowledge, however, and in 1844 conducted his own dance band at a Viennese restaurant. In 1849, when the elder Strauss died, Johann combined his orchestra with his father's and went on a tour that included Russia (1865-66) and England (1869), winning great popularity. In 1870 he relinquished leadership of his orchestra to his brothers, Josef and Eduard, in order to spend his time writing music. In 1872 he conducted concerts in New York City and Boston. Strauss's most famous single composition is An der schönen blauen Donau (1867, The Blue Danube), the main theme of which became one of the best-known tunes in 19th-century music. His many other melodious and successful waltzes include Morgenblätter (1864, Morning Papers), Künstlerleben (1867; Artist's Life), Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald (1868; Tales from the Vienna Woods), Wein, Weib und Gesang (1869; Wine, Women and Song), Wiener Blut (1871, Vienna Blood), and Kaiserwaltzer (1888). Of his nearly 500 dance pieces, more than 150 were waltzes. Among his stage works, Die Fledermaus (1874, The Bat) became the classical example of Viennese operetta. Equally successful was Der Zigeunerbaron (1885, The Gypsy Baron). Among his numerous other operettas are Der Karneval in Rom (1873, The Roman Carnival) and Eine Nacht in Venedig (1883; A Night in Venice).

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And now for the Music

I would like to extend my thanks to Alfie Pugh for this lovely piece, to email please click on ("">ALFIE and let him know your thoughts.

"Die Fledermaus (The Bat) Overture, Op. 362". this is another varsion of this lovely piece(A large file which I have zipped). Sequenced by Alfie Pugh

I would like to extend my thanks to Bjorn Lengton for these lovely pieces.

"This Quadrille is made of themes from his opera Die Fledermaus. The quadrille is (like all his quadrilles) is the Viennese style, thus has 6 movements, and not 5.", Sequenced by Bjorn Lengton.

"Myrthenblüten (Myrtle Blossoms, opus 395)", Sequenced by Bjorn Lengton.

I like to thank Scott P. Anderson for the following wonderful sequence's. The Blue Danube, was done in memory of his grandmother, Margaret (known as Peg to her friends),in Scott's words "a fiesty Irish lady whom I'll miss". Let Scott know your thoughts on this piece, contact ("> Scott, Click Here.

(2921) "Die Fledermaus (The Bat) Overture, Op. 362". A lovely piece(A large file which I have zipped). Sequenced by Scott P. Anderson

(2303) "Tales From Vienna Woods" (Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald). Another wonderful piece(A large file which I have zipped). Sequenced by Scott P. Anderson

(1313) "The Blue Danube" A fantastic piece(Scott has redone this on the 2nd Dec 2000). Sequenced by Scott P. Anderson

I like to thank Emily Gray for sequencing and donating the following piece, to contact Email (">Emily Gray.

(2541) "Tales from the Vienna Woods" waltz , sequenced by Emily Gray.

I like to thank Tony Michael for donating & sequencing the following lovely piece, TONY, email him to let him know what you think.

(2311)"Where The Lemon Trees Bloom ". Sequenced by Tony Michael.

(97) The blue danube Op.314, A brilliant piano conversion. Large file please click here for pkunzip.exe Seq ?

(302) This is another large file Click here for pkunzip

Kaiser Waltz a excellent piece of music Seq by ?

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