Email (mike@mwmoss0.demon.co.uk">Mike and let him know any comments you have on his music.

Next to Classical music I love the sound of Brass Instruments, (this music you will enjoy) you will find beautifully crafted files done for Brass Instruments by various composers, which have been lovingly sequence and kindly donated to my site by Mike Moss.

Mike has now created his own web site, and will be posting his new work there, so pay his web site a visit.

I will put all new music I receive from Mike to the top of the page. Here is a short biography Mike has sent me.

Mike's interest in music started at an early age, playing piano and singing in a choir.

He then graduated to brass instruments. He learnt on trumpet/cornet in his school band and local town brass band, but his interest quickly focussed onto tuba and euphonium.
As well as playing for many years in brass bands which contested up to Championship level, his interest also extended to composing and arranging music. He has composed 5 brass band marches, one of which was awarded a prize in a competition for new composers, and was consequently used as a set band test piece in a brass band contest in 2001.

Mike also enjoys composing and arranging for small ensembles (for example for weddings), and still plays on special occasions.

Last Updated on 14th November 2005.

Now for the music.

"The Challengers" (Opus11, written in 1995) Part A ). A beautifully sequenced by Mike Moss

"The Challengers" Part B). A beautifully sequenced by Mike Moss

"Opus 15" (written in 2005, I haven't yet named it, mike).. A beautifully sequenced by Mike Moss

"Moscow" (Opus 7, written in 1993). A beautifully sequenced by Mike Moss

"The New Millennium" (Opus 10, written in 1995 but entered in the competition in which it won a prize in 2000, hence the new name. A beautifully sequenced by Mike Moss

"Opus 14" (I haven't yet named it, written in 2003. A beautifully sequenced by Mike Moss

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