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March 7th 1875 --- 1937

Maurice Ravel (1875 - 1937),French composer born in Ciboure, Beasses-Pyrenees, studied at the Paris Conservatoire among his masters being Pessard, Gedalge and Faure he was refused the Prix de Rome but the indignation this provoked drew much attention to his work, and he made a great reputation and a comfortable living without ever holding an official musical post.

His genius is witty subtle and emotionally restrained, and he combines his deep-rooted classicism of form with the boldest experiments in harmony, especially notable and delightful are his rythmic figures. His most important works are the opera L'Heure espagnole, 1907, Daphnis et Chloe (Diaghilev's ballet), 1909, La Valse, the remarkable string quartet, the Trio, the violin and the cello Sonata many pianoforte works, including Jeux d'eau, the Sonatina, Miroirs, Gaspard de la nuit Le Tombeau de Couperin and the popular orchestral work Bolero. After the death of Debussy in 1918 Ravel was Stevenarded as the most representative of French composers. But except for the ballet opera L'Enfant et les sortileges, 1924, and two piano concertos, 1931, he abandoned the larger forms and concentrated on small-scale works notable for finish of detail.

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And now for the Music

I like to thank George Pollen for the following music, to contact George please visit his Website here

"Bolero , another great piece of music, sequenced by George Pollen. I would like to extend my thanks to Bart Bracke for this lovely piece. Email (">Bart and let him know how much you like the music.

(2522) "Ravel's Histoires Naturelles, No.1 Le Paon", Sequenced by Bart Bracke.

(2263)Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte (Pavane For a Dead Princess) , a wonderful sequenced by Robert Finley

My sincere thanks go to Yu Nakajima, for the following beautiful music, to contact Yu please ("> Click Here, or better still visit his Website here

(2000)"Daphnis et Chloe",a wonderful piece"(GS Compatible required & optimized for SC-88 Pro with 32 tracks). Sequenced by Yu Nakajima

(682) "D'Anne jouant de l'espinette"("Of Anne,playing the harpsichord", info kindley supplied by Allen Gary). Sequencer unknown

(50) String Quartet in F (info kindly supplied by emperor)

(53) Jeuxdeau suite Seq?

(327) La Valse a excellent crafted seq piece of music. Large file please click here for pkunzip.exe Seq by Katsuhiri Oguri

(328) Cinq Melodies Populaires Greaques No.1 Seq by ?

(329) Cinq Melodies Populaires Greaques No.2 Seq by ?

(330) Cinq Melodies Populaires Greaques No.3 Seq by ?

(331) Cinq Melodies Populaires Greaques No.4 Seq by ?

(332) Cinq Melodies Populaires Greaques No.5 Seq by ?

(370) Alborada del Gracioso Seq by Peter R Wolfe

(371) Menuet Antique Seq by Katsuhiro Oguri

(372) Chansons 2, Trois Beaux Oiseaux du Paradis Seq by David Siu

(373) Toccato for piano (1916) Seq by Joe Kampsen

(374) Chansons 1, Nicolette Seq by David Siu

(412) The famous Bolero, very well sequence by Mark Anthony Williams.(you will find a link to his page on my Links page) This a large file please click here for pkunzip

(422) Jeux d'Eau, nicely crafted, was kindly donated and sequence by Daniel Mateos Moreno

(55) Clair de lune Opus.46 No.2 - Faure.(Info on the name kindly supplied by Edward Gold also Meredith Kennedy for letting me know it was by Ravel) Seq by ?

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