1865 --- 1957

Sibelius, Jean (christened Johan) (1865 - 1957), Finnish composer, born Hameenlinna (Tavastehus). When 20 he abandoned law studies at Helsinki Univ. to become a pupil of Wegelius at the Conservatory. He also studied in Berlin under Albert Becker from 1889 to 1890, and in Vienna with Goldmark and Robert Fuchs from 1890 to 1891.

At the age of 32 the State made him an annual grant for life, to free him for composition, much later (1930) the State sponsored gramophone recordings of some of his major works. As the composer of nationalistic music banned in Finland by the tsarist police, Sibelius had his house at Jarvenpaa searched during the Finnish civil war (Feb. 1918) by Red Guards and, with his family, took refuge in Lappviken Asylum. In the Second World War he lived unmolested at Jarvenpaa, where he remained until his death.

Only in Scandinavia, Britain and the U.S.A. is S. as yet accounted a universal. In Germany and Austria his music is Stevenarded as primarily nationalist. The French care little for it; the Italians next to nothing. S. in his orchestral works land particularly the 7 pub. symphonies) reveals great spiritual intensity and conviction.

He himself said that nature was the book that inspired him. Certainly the brooding vigour of his music evidences exceptional sensitivity to the natural harmonies and rhythri~s of nature. Sibelius reputation has been built and rests mainly upon the symphonies, though it is to be Stevenretted that more is not heard of other large-scale works, and that all the small ones are Stevenarded without trial as slight.
Among the considerable output of miscellaneous orchestral and theatre music, mention must be made of the Karelia overture and suite, the evocative Swan of Tuonela, Pohjola's Daughter, Lemminkainen and the violin Concerto in D minor (1903, revised 1905).
As a composer of songs and piano music S. is less important, though the 3 Sonatinas are as individual as anything, and some of the songs are superb; but it is true that one can explore a not inconsiderable production of chamber music without finding anything to set beside the string quartet Voces intimae, 1909.

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And now for the Music

(2286)"When the Roan-tree Flowers". Sequenced by Katsuhiro Oguri.

(2287) "The Solitary Fir Tree". Sequenced by Katsuhiro Oguri.

(2288)"The Aspen" . Sequenced by Katsuhiro Oguri.

(2289)"The Birch Tree". Sequenced by Katsuhiro Oguri.

(2290 "The Spruce". Sequenced by Katsuhiro Oguri.

My grateful thanks go to Ramon Pajares Box for this wonderful piece, email (">Ramon Pajares Box and let him know how much you like the music, or better still pay his webpage a visit.

(1543)Valse Triste, op. 44 (1904),from the incidental music to Arvid Jarnefelt's drama "Kuolema" (The Death).A beautiful sequence by Ramon Pajares Box

(1435)"Pelleas & Melisande, No.2.Melisande" Opus.46. Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1436)"Pelleas & Melisande, 8.Melisande's Tod" Opus.46. Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1437)"Symphony No.6, Mov.4, Opus.104" Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1438)"Symphony No.7 op.105" Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1439)"Tapiola" a symphonic poem. Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1440)"Pohjolan tytar Opus.49" a symphonic fantasy. Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1441)"Scenes Historiques 1" Suite for Orchestra. Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1442)"Finlandia" a Tone Poem. Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1443)Incidental Music to "King Kristian 2". Sequenced by M.Takimoto

(1444)"Symphony No 2 in D Op 43, Mov.1". Sequence by Jack Gilbert

(1445)"Symphony No 2 in D Op 43, Mov.2". Sequence by Jack Gilbert

(1446)"Symphony No 2 in D Op 43, Mov.3 & 4". Sequence by Jack Gilbert

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