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27th 1924 --- 1987


At Tbilisi Music College from 1938-1942. At Georgian State Conservatory in Tbilisi from 1942-1947 (under Barkhudarian).

Principal Works

Two symphonies, three pianoconcertos, violinconcerto, celloconcerto, trumpetconcerto, pianotrio, piano music, two oratorios, four operas ("Miniya", "The Robbery of the Moon", "The Woman-Chaser" and "The First Love"), vocal, incidental and film music.


Taktakishvili's music is characterized by his mild modality, the occasional parallelism and the folk instrument imitation. Sudden chromatic changes are common in his music. Modal alteration and alteration often function for tonal modulation.

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And now for the Music

I like to sincerely thank Gary Goldberg for allowing me to placed the following music on my site, on a composer (and informing me of his correct name)I have never heard of before, thank you.

(458)Piano Concerto Mov.1.This and the other three below are all sequenced for the Proteus 2, but still sounds great on a G.M system, donated and sequence by Gary Goldberg. This is a large file please click here. for pkunzip.exe

(512)Piano Concerto Mov.2. Donated and sequence by Gary Goldberg.

(513)Piano Concerto Mov.3. Donated and sequence by Gary Goldberg.

(514)Piano Concerto Mov.4. Donated and sequence by Gary Goldberg. This is a large file please click here.for pkunzip.exe

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