My thanks go to Edward Schaffer for the picture?

15thAugust 1875 --- September 1912

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, was an English black composer, his father came from Sierra Leone in Africa, I think he was a doctor who came over to England met and fell in love with a nurse, and it was in London that Samuel was born. He showed early talent but because of his dark complection was frown upon by his tutors, but was still supported in his study of music, because of his talent.

Samuel took up the study of the Violin, piano and went on to study composition at London's Royal College of Music.

He later went and lived in America to try and get away from the prejudice he faced in his efforts to become known in England.
The pieces I have done below are from his American period, I was informed by Ed that he died of pneumonia.

I like to thank Ed Schaffer for his help with the bio.

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And now for the Music

(1765)"La Tarantelle Fretillante", I like this short piece. Sequenced by Reginald Steven Ritchie.

(1486)"Un Sonnet D'Armour No.3". Sequenced by Reginald Steven Ritchie.

(1486)"Demande Et Reponse". Sequenced by Reginald Steven Ritchie.

(1414)"No.1 Le Caprice De Nannette". Sequenced by Reginald Steven Ritchie.

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