Can anyone provide a picture please.

1809 --- 1865 ?

I have only come accross a little bit of information on this composer, can anyone please help fill in the gaps.

Sebastian was born in Spain, and in later life first went to live I think in Paris, then moved to live in Cuba, one of his works he wrote was La Paloma, which is I think the name of the piece below.

He also wrote Habanera which Bizet use as a melody within Carmen, changing the melodic part to fit the French text.
I have kindly been sent more information on this composer by J. Alberto Marinas, thank you.

Sebastian Yradier (originally it was Iradier but following the advice of his editor at Paris he changed it into Yradier, more fashionable by then) was born in Lanciego province of Alava, Spain in 1809.

He moved first to Madrid, then he was living in Paris and from there, in 1856, he moved to the States where he was conducting an opera orchestra.

He was living in Cuba for a short period of time. La Paloma was performed for first time in La Habana (Spanish spelling) in 1855 conducted by himself. Yradier came back to Spain where died almost blind when he was 56 years old.

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And now for the Music

(2148)"La Paloma"?. Sequencer Unknown

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